App has Voter lists of each booth, categorised by

-> Age (18 -25, 26-40, 41-60, Above 60),

-> Total Houses in Ward,

-> Top 500 houses with more number of Voters,

For e.g There in Kapra ward if Contestant manages to convince only people of 500 houses, he may get 9,852 votes and win elections.


More no of Volunteers/Suppoters, More are the chances of Winning.

-> App is integrated with Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Messaging, Share it, IMO Messenger.

-> Volunteers can click "Send Invite" and send invitation to his Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail contacts.

-> By clicking on link his friends can download the app and be the part of Campaign.


-> All the money spent, effort made and stress taken by the Contestant will go in vain if the Voters dont caste their vote.

-> Its been happening that Polling percentage for local bodies election is very less.

-> In this App the their is a feature, where Volunteers can stay near polling booth and enter select Yes for beside Voter name.

-> This way Contestant can know who all have voted and who have not, Every hour on Polling day, he can see the list of Voters who have not voted and ask volunteers to encourage the people to utilise thier voting right.


-> Contestant can give App to Unlimited Volunteers, Each Volunteer can send app link to their friends and they can install the App.

-> This way, Contestant can increase his/her Volunteers count.

-> Contestant can assign tasks to Volunteers.Every tasks of volunteer like,

-> How many voters they met ?

-> How many they convinced ?

can be recorded in App.

-> Contestant can monitor daily activities of Volunteers, Measure volunteer performance and plan his/her stratergies as per the reports


-> One of reason many people dont cast thier vote is because they dont get Polling Slips, If a Contestant can make sure all his suppoters get Voter Slips and Go to Cast their Vote, the chances of his winning will increase.

-> In this App, their is a feature where called "Voter Slips Verification, All the names of Voters are present in app, Volunteer can reach voters and ask them if they have recieved Voter Slips and click on button is app, Contestant can see the report and help Voters to get the Voter Slips.


App has three types of reports, that will help the contestant.

1. Campaign Status Report
2. Polling Slips Verification Reports.
3. Polling Day Voting reports.

-> From Campaign Status Report, Contestant can know how many Voters he or his Volunteers have approched and if the Voters is convinced by the Contestant Manifesto and will voter will his favour. This will help Contestant to prepare the Stratergies.

-> From Polling Slips Verification Reports, Contestant will come to know all the voters who have not recieved polling slips and make efforts to fix the issue.

-> From Polling day Voting Slips Reports will help the Contestant to know who all have not turned up to cast their votes, he may on the Polling day see the list of people who have not voted and can encourage people to utlise thier voting right.